Glen Cove Golf Club Scorecard



U.S.G.A. Rules will govern play with the exception of the following local rules:

Out of Bounds: Defined by white stakes and the inside edge of all exterior boundary fences or walls. Stroke and distance penalty applies – Rule 27-1.

Interior Out of Bounds: When playing Hole #1 – any shot into #10 fairway, or right of #10 fairway is out of bounds.  Proceed under Rule 27-1.

Lateral Water Hazards: Defined by Red Stakes.  All water hazards on the course are defined by Red Stakes. Proceed under Rule 26-1.

Embedded Ball: A Ball embedded in its own pitch-mark through the green may be lifted, cleaned, and dropped, without penalty not nearer to the hole.

Waste Areas: The fairway sand areas on Hole #2 and Hole #6 are NOT considered hazards; and are to be considered part of the course.



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